Ink & Toner

Quality printer ink and toner generate crisp, vibrant and clear images and documents. Ink and toner are available from the original manufacturer or aftermarket solutions. Selecting compatible ink and toner for your printer keeps print workflows running smoothly. Recycled cartridges and sustainable ink and toner formulas provide environmentally friendly solutions.

Fade Resistant Inks Retain Color Longer

The higher the quality printer ink and toner used for printing, the higher the quality of the print result. Inkjet printers with quality ink produce vibrant, colorful print results. For high-volume, monochrome document-quality prints, laser printers with toner cartridges may be more suitable. Opt for high-yield printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges for efficient high volume printing. Ink consistency and toner formulas vary between manufacturers and specific printer models. Using the recommended inks and toners for each printer model helps to produce consistent print results. Prints made with fade-resistant inks maintain their vibrant, crisp color for longer, suitable for photographs and reproductions of colorful artworks.

Genuine/OEM Products Keep Printers Running Smoothly

Original ink and toner products are made by the original equipment manufacturer for their printers to keep them running smoothly and reliably. Opt for cartridges with accurate inbuilt level alerts and notifications built-in to prevent running out of ink in the middle of print sessions. There are two main types of aftermarket printer ink and toner cartridges. The first is compatible, and the second is remanufactured. Both types of cartridges work only with specific printer models. The lower cost of aftermarket inks and toners provide an alternative to the original brand made products. ISO-9001 certified manufacturers of aftermarket ink and toner products test rigorously to ensure a high-quality product. Some printers utilize multi-packs with different ink colors combined into one convenient package for more straightforward installation and use. Single-packs of ink have the benefit of changing each color individually, which may be useful when a specific color is used more and runs out faster than the others.

Toner Has a Long Shelf-Life

For inkjet printers, select from dye-based or pigment-based printer ink cartridges. Dye-based inks are water-soluble and feature a more extensive range of colors than pigment-based alternatives. Pigment-based inks typically deliver a print result that lasts longer and is more water-resistant. The heat and static electricity generated by laser printers bond the powder in printer toner cartridges to the page resulting in a fast print that doesn't smudge or bleed lines. Laser printers with toner cartridges are suitable for high yield printing while inkjet printers focus on quality, small volume printing. Printer toner cartridges have a longer shelf life than ink cartridges as ink is pre-mixed with water. The ink risks drying out where toner is a powder formula.

Remanufactured Cartridges are Environmentally Friendly

In remanufactured cartridges, replacements are made to the damaged or worn parts of a cartridge to create a new, environmentally friendly printer ink and toner cartridge solution. For an alternative sustainable option, select cartridges made from recycled plastics and materials. Ultra-low melt toners provide an environmentally friendly solution by reducing energy consumption compared to standard toners. Review inks and toners with renewable content for a more sustainable printing solution.